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Unlimited Tuning Y-PIPE Arrives! Beautiful!

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We are now working in conjunction with Unlimited Tuning both developing new performance parts, and distributing them. The first arrival is their Stainless Steel Y-Pipe.. The pipe is **** amazing to look at.. So pretty that i dont want to put it on my car!

Looks so good that i didnt want to install it! Look at the shine and welds

Price: $350 + FREE SHIPPING!

Contact me for ordering.. or go here: Sales

Dynos to follow (Unlimited has already done this, but i want to do this also)

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And BlueDragonZ, well is she a car enthusiast? My husband has said many times "if I knew how happy an exhaust for your car would have made you I'd have bought THAT for you instead, it would have been way cheaper than a ring!" LOL I told him I'd have married him QUICKER!!!!!!!!!!!
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