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Hello everyone.

I am a new member here in this web site. Nice to meet you all!

Well, I want to ask you about one unknown material that I found when
I was trying to install my clarion cd changer.
I pulled the carpet on the paassenger side of my Z to run the changer cable and
I found a really mysterious material that is covering almost the whole under
the carpet area (should I call it iron?) Anyway, a small part of this covering
material seemed cracked a little bit, so I picked one of it and see.
One side has color of Silver and the other side has color of black.
It is little bit thick and breaks really easily.

I really don't know what this material is. I guess it could be a material that
prevents road noise or some kind of heat abosrber but I really have no idea
what this one is.

I am sorry if you cannot understand my writing as my first language is not English and also I came to the U.S one and a half year ago. Please accpet my apology
if you are having hard times for reading my writing.

Thank you for reading my question and I hope somebody can figure it out.

Have a wonderful day guys!
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