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Just wondering if anyone's interested in going!

The UConn Car Club would like to present to you the invitation of coming down and being a part of the Uconn Car Club's 4th Annual Spring Car Meet, on Sunday, April 15th, 2007.

What you need to know:
off of Storrs Rd (rt. 195)
Storrs CT 06269
W-Lot Parking lot on the Storrs Campus
(see map below)

Gates Open @ 9am
Gates Close When the Parking Lot Capacity has been reached.
Events occuring between 1130-2
Registration Closes at 12pm
Trophies by 3-4pm

- Free to Spectate
- $10 dollars to Participate

If you have a party of 7 participating vehicles or more, preregister at by clicking on the forum and posting under the category 2007 Car Show > Preregistration. State your club name, # of participants, along with one member's contact information (Phone Number or Screenname.)

Pizza Eating Contest, Tire Throwing Competition, High/Low Competition, and an Exhaust Sound-off; These will be occuring throughout the day, starting at 1130am ending around 2pm. Prizes will be awarded to winners, pariticpation is limited.

Bragging Rights
- For those of you have yet to witness one of our shows, We tend to amass some of the greatest diversity among cars under one name. Anyone who has been to a previous show can attest that theres something for everyone. Whether its Classics, Domestics, Imports, Euros or even supercars that you are into, this show embodies the presence of all the aforementioned makes. Pics from last years show

- Our show does start early but we have thought of the solution to entice early arrival, Red Bull. Red Bull will be present at the show handing out Red Bulls, and even better, Theres a great possibility that they will bring one of their vehicles (Drift Solstice, one of the F1 cars, Nascar).

Onto the Trophies:
Trophies Include: Best In Show. Best Import, Domestic, Euro, Exotic. Best Honda/Acura, Toyota, Subaru, Nissan & Other. Best Ford, Chevy, Dodge & Other. Best BMW, VW/Audi & Other. Best Offroad Truck. Best Lowrider Truck.
Sleeper Award, UC3 Choice Award, Club Participation Award, & Best Club Award.

Note: Best Club Participation Club Award goes to the club with the most participating members. Best Club Award will be awarded to the club UC3 finds to embody as the "best."

Other mentionables:
- The parking lot has a maximum capacity of around 600 cars. Once the parking lot is full, THE GATES WILL BE CLOSED. No ifs ands or buts, plan accordingly and it should not be a problem.
- Arrive with the people you want to park with, theres will not be any room to leave empty parking spaces open. (see below for parking lots outside of the show that you can congregate at prior to arrival)
- Judging will be ballot based and will begin at exactly noon. Those who arrive a minute past noon will not be susceptible to registration or judging for that matter.
- Yes, different from last year, we will have portapotties within the show perimeters. More food vendors as well.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or vendor to the show please contact me for further details. Space is limited but arrangements can be made.

Please forward any questions or comments to [email protected]

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BUMP i haven't really seen anyone on this forum from my part of NE, but hey, just want to see if we can get some Zees at this show. There's another at Central CT State on the 29th of April. The Uconn show is 10 bucks to show, and the CCSU show is only 5. Let me know!

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I might be attending. This isnt a really great place to get an interest though.

Try, g35driver, 350zmotoring, etc.
Yeah, I'm aware. Like I said, I haven't seen many people from the Ct area on this forum and I have been a part of it for over a year. It was just out of courtesy for the Uconn Car Club that I posted the bulletin.
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