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Tyre Feathering Which Nissan service guys

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Hi guys my tyres are feathering and I need to fix this. its done 30k so its not the end of the world but I just don't want this happening to my next set of tyres.

I spoke to blacktown they said they never heard of this problem on the 350!

parramatta said they had 1 previous case.

Nissan North Ryde said they know about this problem and that they mentioned to me that Nissan Australia has a TSB out for this problem! They said its a one day job to align/swap out tyres etc..

So far I would like to take it to Nissan Ryde but I read in many places that this problem is hard to fix and that only few places in sydney has the equipments to fix this problem for good..

so anyone got any suggestions?
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Well, what I've done and it works for me at the moment is that I do wheel alignment very frequently. I do it every 10,000km with my service or even more often if I hit a big bump. I get my alignemnt done by Peter from Sports Cars International. He's known on this forum as "Nismo Pete", but right now he's overseas.

By the way, what you need to do is set your front toe to 0mm, it seems to fix the problem for me.
First of all, if you've got 30K out of your tyres I would suggest they're more than feathered and you are due for a new set.

When you get your new set you, as was mentioned by Nuff, just need to make sure your wheel alignment is as per specs, that is 0mm front toe.I got mine done when I first got the car and haven't touch it since and mine are no good anymore and need to be replaced. They didn't feather though.

Other than that, someone on the forum (can't remember who) has had nothing but drama with Nissan Ryde and I'm sure they will jump in soon and let you know.

The TSB is simply taking the front tyres off the rims and swapping the left for right and vice versa. This doesn't actually solve the problem it just makes the "new" outer edge not feathered. So any dealer should be able to organise that for you.

As always

I had the same problem on tyres that had done around 20k. I was experiencing a drumming noise mainly at lower speeds and particularly when slowing down and braking. My front tyres had flat spots on the inside edges. After the TSB fix the flat spots were moved to the outside edge of the tyres.

The noise was still there but was now more noticable at higher speeds.

Nissan paid 60% towards replacement tyres, which I was quite happy with. The problem has been fixed. I hope that the TSB has fixed it permanently and that my new set of tyres don't go the same way. Probably doing a wheel alignment every 10k - 15k is the answer.
There's stuff all over the forums re tyre feathering - take it to any Nissan dealer, give them a copy of their OWN TSB and demand a fix.

first thing is a tyre swap as Harry has mentioned, but that only minimises the effect for a while - the tyres are still feathered and grip/safety/noise remain largely the same.

When they finally decide to get the bit into their teeth - a letter to Nissan Aus may be necessary - they'll replace the tyres and CHANGE THE ALIGNMENT SPECS.

I suggest that at the time of replacement you pay the x-tra and get tyres the same as rear because you then have the facility of front-to-rear swap which will even up wear for better mileage and stop the annoying feathering (bu occasional swapping) forever.

Also, I find the x-tra grip at the front makes the car more neutral and turns in better.

Don't forget though, there is 30K k's on the tyres.

They're farked or pretty close to it.

As always

30K on a sports car is a Lot for any tyre. If I get to 20K on mine before i notice Feathering Ill be happy and just repleace tyres.

But you should do Alignment at reputable place (forget the dealer) as soon as you get new set.
At 30k, you got Buckley's chance of getting the dealer to pay for new front tyres, especially once they swap left for right and tell you to do another 5k on them to see if the problem persists. By 35k, you'll have no rubber left and the dealer will tell you that the problem was due to the low tread and just get you to replace them at your expense.

I replaced all for tyres at 26.5k. Rears were worn and fronts still probably had 10k left in them. So like I said 35K and they'll be well worn. 30k out of a soft compound tyre on a sports car is average if you do a lot of city driving.
got my servicing today and they told me my front had +1mm front toe. rear was 0.

the manager goes upto +-2mm is ok!

anyway I told him I will take to it somewhere else (this was blacktown)

he suggest this happens to cars and its not just z that does this.

31k done and guess what my tyres are pretty good. Infact the manager goes it probably has another 15-20k left on them! why I don't drive like maniac and I do a lot of long distance driving :)

As I said this isn't the biggest issue now but when I do get another set of tyres I don't want it feathering.. so I guess I need to take it to Nissan Ryde (only taking it to them as they said they know about the problem) and getting them to do the toe in setting to 0 and maybe change the front sets around.. Problem I rather have noise at low speed then in highspeed as I hit the highway every day!
Gianniz - you dealer is correct if he says that your toe in is within spec.
If you do a lot of highway driving, then you should see another 15k from the fronts. But keep in mind that my OEM tyres started roaring exactly as you describe when they were about 50% worn. The noise will get worse as they wear more. If your tyres don't show significant wear on one side as opposed to the other (ie inside worn, outside not) then there is nothing you can do but cop it sweet.
Shite, I hope I get 40-50K out of my set of tyres!
Man, you are doing well!!!!!
Hey Ky350, the inside of the tyres are wearing more as thats the part where you see the drop compared to the outer side. :(

would making this toe in 0mm better then leaving it on 1mm?

whats the factory setting? is it 0mm or 1mm?
Well if you have definate visible signs of feathering, try and get it in writing from your dealer that he admits that the tyres are only 50% worn. That way, the dealer should pay at least 50% of the cost of replacement front tyres if not all the cost. Keep in mind that the dealer will try and avoid all responsibility and will only replace your tyres 10,000+km down the track, when you tyres will be very worn. So if you have it in writing that the dealer acknoledged that the problem was brought to his attention with at least 1/2 tyre life to go, then they will have to chip in with costs.

I believe that the factory setting for toe in is anything up to 2mm. But some of the guys here say that the feathering issue is reduced with a toe setting of 0mm, so I'd get the dealer to adjust to that setting - very easy to do and takes a whole 5 mins so insist that the dealer does it for you.
im not really interested in getting my tyres replaced and them paying for it.. i already used it up 30000k thats alot and I don't think the noise was there around 20000k mark so maybe recently it came.. however I do remember when i got my tyres checked long long long time ago beaurepair guys said the thing that worries him was that there is a stepping issue on my front set of tyres.... :(

anyway I just want to make sure this **** don't happen on my next tyres. what nissan guy told me is that in normal cars its very good idea to swap around the tyres every 5000-10000km. so maybe my new tyre i might get 4 set of equal tyres so I can carry this out.
I would seriously not go to Ryde Nissan if I were you, it doesnt matter how simple the problem is to fix they will **** up and break something else as well.


I would call every other Nissan service centre before going to them if I were you. Just go to a dealership with the Australian TSB number and they will have to make the change to your car if you are experiencing the problem outlined in the TSB.
Why bother with Nissan for a simple alignment?

Just get it done my Nismo Pete or whoever you like to use. He did mine as I helped in 5min flat. I had way too much toe in the rear and was 0.5 in the front.

There is no fix as such...just zero the toe out.

Also you will get more wear on the inside due to the cambre BUT feathering is an uneven wear in the inside. If it's perfectly flat even wear it's not feathering.
G'day guys! I've been perusing this site for a while now but rarely pop my head up. Basically because my Zeds still stock and I haven't had any problems with it - until now...

Got a July/04 build with 4,500 km's on it and it's just starting to show signs of the dreaded tyre feathering. I haven't bumped any gutters or anything, so I guess it's just the suspension settling in!?! I went on the Nissan Datsun Sports Owners Club drive up to Marysville at the start of this month and didn't notice anything afterwards. It's only been since then, and I've done bugger all K's since then. Weird!?! Anyway, you blokes recommend 0mm on the toe. Do you notice the car "tramtracking" at all with the toe set to these specs? Also what's a TSB and where do I get a copy? Can anybody here who lives in Melbourne recommend a particular Nissan Dealer or tyre place for good, accurate wheel alignments?

Apart from the above I love the Zed. I had an MY99 Rex before which was a great car also, but the Zed is totally different. Gotta love all that torque down low! The trade off for the flat torque curve though is that it can feel a little flat up top sometimes. It does feel like it's getting better the more K's I put on it, with that mid range surge becomming quite obvious now. The steering is great except for the occational kickback and skip over bumps-something I don't like at all!. The handling is awesome, though can be a little too understeery on the limit. At the same time though I can't believe how easy it is to "drift" or hang the rear end out. I reckon the suspension engineers must have been into the drifting scene over in Japan! ;-) I don't like the fact that you can't REALLY switch the VDC off without pulling a fuse though! A bit of a bugger that one!

Any feedback is appreciated.

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Hi and welcome!

Sounds like you are seeing the feathering way early. 4500kms is nothing.

As for tramlining and the bumpy ride... swap out the shocks and you'll be amazed at the difference.

I've been running around town with my Konis on semi-soft setting and they are just a dream. Everyone who knows my car comments on the ride quality and handling on our crap roads.

And no more bounce or tramming.
Thanks zuffy!

Yeah 4 and a half thousand kays aint a lot...

Koni's are great. A mate has them on his Mk 1 Cortina of all things. Good thing too is that when they're worn out you can have them rebuilt and don't have to throw them away!
Steave, the only sideffect of the 0mm toe is that at parking speeds when you rotate your steering wheel to extreams is that the steering wheel doesn't center itself and it pulls into the corners. In city driving the steering wheel centers itself a lot slower and it's not a problem at all at highway speeds. What it'll do is that it will require you to center the steering wheel yourself, it takes a bit to get used to it, but now it has became my second nature.

My tire feathering started to appear around 15,000km I think, I can't recall it very well. I had few bad allignments which made it even worse. Right now I've 30,000km on them and they are very noisy, they'll have to be replaced very soon.

Also like zuffy said, the konis are tunned a lot more for the bumpy roads which we have in australia. You'll have a lot less kickbacks and your car is going to drive like it's on rails on bumpy roads.
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