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Lance and I have been discussing the route for the afternoon cruise. We're trying to accommodate everyone and don't want you guys and gals to be bone tired by the end of the day. Lance has a long route mapped out, but I played around with it to shorten it up.

As you know, we're having lunch in Hastings. I was looking at the map and saw some roads that I've been wanting to drive for a while. Some of the roads you guys might recognize when we're on them. I do have some new way points. Scott will know what I'm talking about.

Ultimately, I was thinking of winding our way through some hills, curves, long straights (for you guys that like straight lines), and finally a destination I have in mind which might be the ultimate Mother's Day reward for the ladies who are coming with us. I'll mention it later when Lance chimes in.

Edit: Here's the google map link for the route:,-92.988945&spn=0.548459,1.674042&t=h&z=10
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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