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Hey guys,

Im looking to get the gt3582r and maybe rods, head gasket and headstuds.

I have all the supporting mods as i am currently running a single t28 hks turbo making 225kw. Also running heltach ecu.

I am just wondering if it is a good size turbo and how much power would it make on stock block and how much it would make if i go with rods, headstuds and gasket.

I heard the pistons are good and no one have found the limit to them.

My aim is 350kws is that possible with the stock block? Or need to build?.

Does anyone know a good tuner in nsw that can tune it in Sydney?

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Hey ram.abudulazeez- I don't have a FI Z and live in the USA , so I'll be of limited help. But my suggestion is to research a Nissan specialist in Sydney and spend some time and money to have them look over your current Z. They can provide a better perspective on what you'll need than online opinions. Good luck with your project!

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what engine do you have?

the 3582 is a good choice and a good balance of top end power and responsiveness. We have a customer with an HR running a rear-mount kit (that we fabricated and installed) and a garrett GT3582 ... he is pushing just short of 500hp (like 499) on an OEM HR block.

If you have an HR than you'll probably be fine pushing that much power but you'll need to drop down to 400 to 450hp if you have a stock DE or you'll need to build it.

Talk to Dynosty about an E-tune ... Im sure they can knock it out
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