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I started hanging out with the Southeastern CT/RI chapter of Tuner Network over the summer, and am looking to spread the word about their upcoming show. This car club is mostly a regional bunch of car, truck, and bike enthusiasts, but with a national forum. Username: Zazza is the CEO, and is from the next town over from me, Griswold, CT. He is a very nice guy and has worked VERY hard to get this community of car/truck/bike enthusiasts established. If you do a little search on their website, you will find a wide variety of automobiles in this club.

I hesitate to call Tuner Network a club because it is more of an assemblage of enthusiasts from a lot of smaller "sister" clubs at this point considering how broad the population is that it brings together on the forums.

Please view this link for complete details:

The show will be held at Ocean Beach Park in New London.
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