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This site is just for fun and whatever... just like drifting.. me and my boys write about whatever drift related things interest us... and a little random stuff. We go to all the Englishtown events(even though Street Wars was FREEZING) and just go through the lot taking pictures and hang over the side of the stands to take pictures of the staging lanes(random sh*t)... eventually we want people to start sending us pictures of their cars and them drifting to build a LOCAL drift community.. if you really are into drifting you really should be coming to the site and looking.. when the season starts up.. about a month left.. all the information about local events will be up.. no googling needed... TRI-STATEDRIFT.BLOGSPOT.COM everything you need.. theres about 20-25 people coming a day which isn't bad for a new site but lets get that number up... and I made a forum(not detailed at all) just basic... Ill add anything on topic if someone suggests it.. PLEASE GIVE SUGGESTIONS ON HOW IT CAN BE IMPROVED..
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