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I just got my 350 several days ago and I'm just wondering if a tranny or gear box related problem is a known issue regarding the Z. My concerned is the pronounce vibration on the stick in neutral and the rattling sound that it makes when you feather the clutch. Also, I am wondering if anyone have the same issue with the difficulty of shifting to second.

I toke the car back to the dealer and explain the problem. They keep it for a day to inspect it and basically told me that with the higher torque on the Z, it's a common issue (Cough!!BS). So, I suggested to test drive another vehicle, not really paying much attention to the vibration on the stick in neutral (forgot) while trying to listen to the rattling on first gear. Surely enough, the other vehicle I tested was making the same noise, but somehow civil than mine and smother in second. The service manager suggested that, I should drive my Z for a week and see what happen. I will be posting an update on this within a week or so.

As a consumer, I am bit concerned after reading the other issues that some owner have experience on the Nissan dealership honoring the service that they gladly accept the payment of the product that they warranty. Does anyone knows, if Nissan have a customer relation department that you can address this issues that us consumer are experiencing in regards to service in the dealership?

Also, for a 30k+ vehicle...I would think that a service and quality of the product from the production line should atleast give a feeling of satisfaction and not a problem. Lol...let me break it! Glad I still have my M3...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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