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Followed the directions posted in the DIY Section (tutorials) and seems as if everything went well. I figured I would add a few comments/suggestions:

1) Instead of using Jack stands, I drove up onto a set of Rhino ramps and then jacked the rear of the car up and placed the rear tires on another set of Rhino ramps. That way the car remains level (as level as the floor in the garage is).

2) Mixed MTL and MT-90 in a 1 gal rubbermaid jug and then used one of those hand held pumps (orange pump) ~$10 that you can purchase at Advanced Auto, Autozone, Walmart to pump the oil into the transmission. After that, I pumped air to rid the Tranny oil and used it to load the rear differentail fluid.

3) Once filled, I let the oil flow out of the fill hole until it just about trickled and then added the plug.

3) All drains were torqued to 34 newton meters.

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