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Transmission Limitations w/ FI

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With everyone boosting and building up engines, what about the trans?. What are the limitations of the stock trans, and what can be done to strengthen it?.
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The tranny is probably the least of everone's worries...if your car is a daily driver. The race track or constant abuse is a totally different story. I will tell you that my car running 10psi at the track...roughly 430whp, and shifting like a mad-man...I never once grinded or missed a gear. No complaints...I even have the stock clutch installed! :)
yeah...what g3pro said...

It seems like the latest and greates version of the 350Z tranny is pretty decent. I have version 8 I believe, and its been great to me! The older ones really were terrible,and would grind in almost every gear.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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