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trading my car for a Z

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hey everything, im new to this site. Im selling my 02 celica for a 350z. im hoping to get atleast 15k for it. im excited about it, but a little sad to see my celi go.. but im sure the z will make me happy. haha
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:welcome: and good choice!!!! :wavey: Let us know when you get the Z! Good Luck w/ the purchase!!!!
thank you, I just wish my rims would fit the z, but cause off the offset they wont :banghead: lol


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Hi and Good Luck.....I'd be willing to bet that you'll forget all about the Celica in the near future.......Dave
Every time I get out of my Z, I look back.

Sometimes, I even have a sh!teatin grin on my face...for no good reason.

You will not miss your 4banger. guaranteed.
You will always miss you first baby....I went from my Integra GSR...with race rims full suspension (circuit race and auto X) 3 inch drop etc...and had all my internals to build a awesome motor...I spent 5000 or more in motor and suspension parts.....then I sold her and got my Z....I am more excited about my new car than my last one but I still miss her....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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