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I dont think im really looking for a real powerful car i just want the power to follow through all the way to redline. Im not looking to break records i just want it to perform as good as it looks.
Hi 350ztrackspec,

I am in the same boat as you. I really enjoy the 350Z (Z33). The looks, handling and power delivery really takes driving from "A to B" to a different level.

As we can agree, the 350Z is a relatively heavy sports car and initially I was thinking of lightening the car. But the fact remains that I still want a daily driver with all the electrics, power this and power that and two seats instead of one.

The engine is a cracker from factory. I appreciate the low to mid range torque and power delivery. But you are right in that the top end is really "flat". There is still good punch but it seems to taper off.

As much as I want to go for forced induction, I am sticking with the naturally aspirated approach (for the moment anyway). I have upgraded the intake and exhaust components. The car definately drives better than stock for sure. My plan is to install a plenum spacer and 350Z UTEC. This, in my opinion, will not only take advantage of the bolt on modifications but also produce greater top end power which I am also searching for :p

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