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Tonneau Cover

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The boot of the 350z coupe is visible from the outside. The boot cover partially obstructs the view, however if somone is deliberately looking into the boot, they will be able to see what's there.

The 350z manual book mentions that there is a Tonneau Cover (if equipped) that hides the luggage compartment.

However I have been to my local Nissan Dealer and the sales guy said there is nothing that blocks the view - options and accessories included.

So does this exist? What does everyone do in regards to blocking the view of things we leave in the boot?
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I've never seen anything like you are describing for the Z.......I don't leave things in the boot tho. I rarely have anything back there at all.
under nissan accessories:

Tonneau cover is the term normally used to describe an accessory which covers the open area of a convertible car when it does not have a top which can be raised.

Nissan use the term differently and in two ways:-

There is a small piece of trim made of plastic with a mesh insert which is fitted as standard to the underside of the hatch. When one looks through the hatch glass, this blocks the view into the boot.

Because it is still possible to see into the boot from the front of the car, Nissan also offers an accessory called a tonneau cover. This is a plastic cover which can be fitted underneath the strut brace using supplied brackets.
I have read that description of "Tonneau Cover" from

However searches on Google and Nissan Websites (AUS, US, UK) yield nothing solid.

But then again it is mentioned in our Official 350z Manual which said it's to hide things in the boot.

Thus my question - does it exist? If so, can someone show us a photo?

As to tinting - yes, useful. But I'm sure many thieves armed with torches if they're looking to smash windows.

I also avoid putting things in the boot as much as possible. But sometimes it's inevitable and I'm looking for a solution to make the already tiny boot at least useful sometimes.
try to source it from Japan.. It should come up on the dealers computer systems as an accessory and order it from Japan.. try another dealership...
QUOTE (dkc64 @ Sep 8 2008, 07:52 AM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=553779
As to tinting - yes, useful. But I'm sure many thieves armed with torches if they're looking to smash windows.
You must have some hardcore criminals.
:lol: :lol: :lol: in aussie terms ,,thats a flashlight!
super scary if they have a cutting torch!

Well then, what is a cutting torch called?

QUOTE (INNERCOOL22 @ Sep 9 2008, 02:18 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=553861

Well then, what is a cutting torch called?

a torch, we name multiple things the same so as to reduce the size of our dictionary.... but it is interesting that you should think that a crim would break into your z with a blow torch, thats a determined crim
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