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To Clear Bra or not to Clear Bra

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I have the bumper, hood and sides already done.

Should I get the headlamps and mirrors as well. Some say no, others say yes.

Some Clear bra installers say its not needed. Thoughts?
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if and when i decide to either repaint mine or get a NISMO replica (hopefully gruppe-s gets thier urethane full bumper replica done) i will clearbra it. i honestly do not think the mirrors or the headlights need them at all, those seem to be the only parts really untouched (got caught behind gravel trucks on almost a daily basis when i was stationed in San Antonio)
I had the clear headlight covers and then changed to the yellow headlight covers. Either way, they are worth the money. Who wants to replace a VERY expensive headlight that is chipped and pitted. If you install the headlight protector right, you will not even really see it. As for the mirrors, I don't see much point in covering them. The front of the car gets most of the abuse, not the side mirrors.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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