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Hey All
I got this email from a new member who lives in Spain, and although I speak Spanish (no longer fluent since moving from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh) I am pretty clueless as to how to start to respond...If anyone would be interested in helping this guy out please respond here, or pm me and I will get his email address to you.

"Hola soy Raul(Santander) soy español y no hablo muy bien ingles, en Europa el 350 Z no tiene traccion como en USA o Japon, yo tengo un 350 Z y por eso quiero entrar en el foro y construir en 350tech mi ficha, pero como no hablo ingles y usted creo es la unica propietario y condutor americano que habla español, le pido si me podia enviar ayuda,
se lo agradecco un monton, aqui en mi ciudad queremos organizar una combencion Internacional de 350 en el proximo agosto 2004.

Saludos y Gracias
Le envio una foto de mi Z"

This is what I am getting out of this. Also since I was used to the mexican and south american dialects it is a little different than someone speaking in Spain.

Hi I am Raul, I am Spanish and I don't speak very good english, in Europe the 350Z doesn't have ______like in the USA or Japan, I have a 350Z and for this I want to enter the forum and build in 350z-tech my files, but because i don't speak spanish and you are the only american moderator that speaks spanish, if you will help me, _______________ (something about a mountain?). Here in my city I want to organize a ?covention international of the 350z next august 2004.

Thanks and goodbye, Raul. I am attaching a picture of my Z

Is that close? I think he wants to update his garage, and if someone wants to help me out w/ the translations for mods, etc (interior/exterior, etc) I'd be greatly appreciative. Here is his picture he attached, pretty nice pic huh?


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