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The new Acura TL: I was driving on the highway showing off as usual
whe a VW GTI decided to tag along, we passed the pimped out 2004 TL with rims and body skirt "the car looked good" he was 6MT, the GTI retired himself for dignity, I slowed down and the TL comes flying passing me at 200 kmh i'm guessing then he slows down... I'm thinking "it's a friggen Honda but decided to test it anyway. I roll behind him going 100 kmh, I turned the xenons for the dramatic effect, he takes off first, I pulled it to third and passed him before I redline fourth
Z ya... I lost him after i reached 250 kmh.

Lincoln LS V8: they'r not slow, so watch out everybody he could sneak on you, but you'll always catch him he gets the

98 M3 roadster: off the line he took me up to third then i pulled even then had him at the gas tank by fifth.
highway run was in my favor.

RX7 TT: I owned one of these, highway run was close but i didn't knowhe was racing untill his turbo kicked in, then i had to catch up, i started pulling away when i reached 6th
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