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Tires.. need options!

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I know tire choice is limited when it comes to 19s..especially for the rears..

i need 275/35/19 or 285/35/19 if they will work..

need some choices and prices! (fast too because i saw threads in my tires
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If you're not gonna be doing any performance driving on them, I'd just go w/ a cheap but decent tire (ie: hankook ventus sport or a kumho MX or even the Ecsta 712). If you want a performance tire that'll kick ass at the track, go w/ the usual S03, goodyear F1, Toyo T1-s etc...
i would be willing to go with kumhos, but they dont make the right size!
guess its the t1's.. cant find anything cheaper
how much did they charge you to mount and balancE?
I would say T1's, but have you ever thought of Falkens? I have heard they are inexpensive yet very good tires.
What about this? 265/35 19 Fronts, and 275/35 19 Rears. I can't find a decent set of tires in these sizes. I want these sizes because it's supposed to give you more lateral traction and correct the understeer tendencies...according to Sport Compact Car.
I have the T1s . Got them local for less then online. No problems with them.
Side Thought: Would a 275/19/35 on 19x9.5 with +12 offset work, or would I rub? I was thinking maybe doing a 19x9.5/+22 on the front and 19x9.5/+12 on the rear with 275s all the way around (it's a lot easier to find tires in 275s than 265s) but I don't know if the front will take that. I'm pretty sure 265s will fit the front, but how big a difference will that extra 10mm make?
what did you get Toy ? I just got Falkens for my Z , and they feel great on the street ... I paid around $500 in a local shop for all 4 ( stock size ) ..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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