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Tips & Tricks on How To Paint Your Replacement Bumper DIY

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Do you want to know how to paint a new replacement bumper DIY? Then our How-To article is the perfect resource for you! Painting your own new bumper doesn't have to be difficult. We can show you the simple steps to get stunning results without needing an automotive repair shop.

Our guide provides everything that you need to know, beginning with what prep work is required and what kinds of materials are necessary for the job. We explain step-by-step instructions on how and when to apply paint and primer, as well as various tips and tricks that experienced professionals use. You'll also learn precautions and safety measures related to painting - no matter how experienced you are, mistakes can happen!

Our experts give advice from their years of experience in automotive painting and share common mistakes so that you can learn from them:

Looking to replace your damaged bumper or other parts? Check our auto body repair section at CARiD:

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Very surprised to find this (linked) article lacked any discussion about the use of a flex additive in the paint itself. In a urethane or flexible body part, use of a flex additive is CRITICAL to ensuring the paint does not crack or spiderweb under stress. The only mention I saw was the mention of a flexible primer before putting down the paint itself.
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