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Timing/idling issues 2004

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Hi everyone! I have quite a complicated case, I feel. My brother traded for a 350z last year and it was burning quite a bit of oil. Driving it back the day of trade, we traded a 91 ka24de for an 04 z, after coming off the expressway and getting to a stop, the car just shut off. Placing it in park and re cranking it go it fired up again, and from what I know, I don't think it happened again for him. I'm mentioning this in case it's a factor in what's happening now. Due to the oil loss, he decided to replace the gaskets. Using a master gasket set from autozone, he replaces the valve cover and the head gaskets as well. In doing so, he removed the chains and obviously pulled the heads. After reinstalling everything, timing it himself, the car would not idle. We were only able to keep it running by feathering the accelerator. He again took it apart and came to find that he had bent the valves in the driver side head. There was no compression on this side, as you would expect. He then got a new, used, head and installed it, times it again and fired it up. Things were looking good and on his way back from the gas station, he redlined it and something again happened, and the car died. Since then I've inherited the car along with the issues. Checking the compression again, the driver side has on average 135, while the passanger side has on average, 180.
I am guessing that his timing was off and that maybe it's a tooth off on the driver side cam causing the loss in pressure. Because the car has 120k on it, I went ahead and Prichard new chains guides and tensioners from nissan. I plan to do the timing next weekend myself with the help of the fsm/forum write ups.

Currently, the vehicle does idl and is drivable, but when the rpm rises to 3000 with a quick press of the accelerator, coming back down the engine almost dies, but recovers. Also, I have an obd2 wifi sensor and it shows that the idle timing is at +15degrees at idle.

The reason I am talking the timing is because that is very involved and the only thing that my brother could have done wrong.

Any insight or obvious issues that anyone sees, please point out and guide me in the right direction.

If you guys feel that the engine is done and that a swap would be best option, please let me know before I do the timing.

I will try to attach a video of it idling for reference.

There is also a ticking noise, which I'm assuming are the lifters. Again, if that is the case, let me know how to address this issue as well.

Thank you so much in advance and I apologize for the long novel. Let me know what you can make from the video


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