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this is fu$%ed up!!

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the most messed up thing about the **** when it comes to rims is that you try your best to be most careful not to scratch them or rub them against a curb or something....

i drive fast, but the thing i dont understand is , why is it that everytime i get out of the car and i look at my rims, i see a big fucking scratch on the edge of the rim..i dont hit any curbs, i dont go speeding over rail road what the fu$%K cuases it?

is anyone having the same problem???? just pisses me off!!!!
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i have the same issue and i came to the conclusion that i don't care about it anymore. its inevitable for you to prevent scratches on your rims
It's road rash. With the amount of traffic on the roads, construction, old cars, and debris, you're bound to have something zing up at the wheels and do that. I have never hit anything with my car, and I have scratches all over the wheels. Like Jaysen said, it's inevitable.
Same here.. Then again, I also have rock chips on the sides of my doors.. I guess I should cut down on the drifting huh? lol
i had about a two inch gash in mine and it continuted to the tire. and i have no idea how it happened. sorry to hear about you bad luck
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