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This guy is great

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well i f any of you remember me getting hosed on an ebay deal not so long ago, you would have thought i learned my lesson. well i haven't thank you very much and have a recent joker to report.
i bought some test pipes from this person joe gomez in CA. they were supposed to be from MINE'S, made of TITANIUM and NEW. they were also supposed to be shipped three day air.

well, the pipes came TWO weeks later, USED and after doing some homework and talking to an authorized dealer found out that they are only produced in STAINLESS STEEL!!!!!!!
so i of course immediatly put in a claim from ebay. which was resolved quickly, and i got a PORTION of my money back. this joker emails me today and says he is going to call the FBI on me if i don't send them back. so i replied to him and told him i had already sent them and i would give him a tracking number on monday.

so this joker doesn't answer my replies on why all the thing he said aren't true like the NEW, TITANIUM, ETC. and he only replies with threats.
Moral of the story? don't buy anything from JOSEPH GOMEZ IN SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO CA
mdzowner :F-you:
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if you sent back the pipes....i hope you get ALL of your money back.
I know it was just a thread, but why would the FBI ever care about an eBay transaction involving car parts?
well im not sure really, this guy is out of his mind. i think he might be trying to scare me into sending them back. i just wonder if he realizes that i am doing the same to him as he did to me first. plus i looked at the fbi site and they only have a division for corporate or largew scale fraud. im not so sure they would get involved over 150 bucks
mdzowner :blah:
That would fall under the jurisdiction of the USPS, and their criminal investigators would look into that.
the irony is that this guy has been the one being fraudulent from the jump. so if it came down to it i would look like pope compared to this guy.
I remember a time when the threat of getting someone's eBay account cancelled was usually enough. Now people threaten to go to the FBI! That's insane. It's a good thing you're rational enough to know the FBI wouldn't give a sh!t about this transaction
actually, the fbi does have an internet fraud division that goes after this kind of stuff. I don't know the website off hand though
Eff eGay!

Too many crooks.
Wow that IS insane! If anything he should be scuuuuuuuuured of the FBI b/c he's the one that lied! :ahhh:
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