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thermo coating?

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wanted to get some thoughts on thermo coating the turbo exhaust manifolds and exhaust turbines.. is worth the effort for a daily driver at around 350whp. track the car a couple of times a year, but nothing too serious.. already have upgraded the radiator and will be using the arc under tray with additional vents so i think temp wise it should be ok.. is spool up going to meaningfully increase? will it increase longevity (help prevent ex-mani cracking)? will having the coating effect the parts, inparticular the ex-turbine housing (reduction in clearance of the moving parts?) if i do go with a coating what temp rating?
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Unless you plan on racing professionally where every tenth of a second makes a difference,then its a waste of money.IMO Of course there will be other that tell you its needed,these are the people who simply like to spend money,just to say they have it..
thanks for the reply.. thought that would be the case but wanted to ask for insights.. just want to make sure i cover my bases before doing the install
For an alternative viewpoint check this link:

are you doing the coating on as part ofthe rebuild?

No....after reading all the info here and in the thread I linked above...I talked to Greg at GSC. Since the Greddy turbos are mounted down low and get some cooling airflow anyway...I'm not coating them, or the down pipes or whatever else there is to coat. I'm afraid after time it's just going to peel off anyway.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea....just don't see benefit in the long run.
after doing a bit a research the only thing that attracts me is the rust prevention/keeping the installlooking clean ... the jet hot site talks about preventing cracking of headers, but i think that might be meaningful for SS ex-mani and probably does not apply to cast ones
I will be sending out my turbo kit to get Jet-Hot coating 2000 F. I'll post up some pictures when I get them back. For reference, I am sending the headers, exhaust turbine housings and downpipes for a cost of around $400. One of my main reasons to doing this is to keep in the thermal energy for better turbo spooling, the trade off is rust and corrosion protection.
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