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As per my post on My350Z, my car's just been stolen. About 2-3 hours ago. Some jerk off with no brains or respect has broken into my house, flogged my laptop, digital camera, the keys to my baby and driven away. What makes it even worse is they drove straight past me when they obviously came back for more!! :sucks:

They took the keys to my other car as well but fortunately were too stupid to figure out which one it was or were on their own.

If you see a beautiful black convertible with the plates THE Z cruising around, unlikely, make sure you damage the guys driving it!!
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Yeah, that would help huh! Sorry. From Annandale in Sydney. Saw them heading west but couldn't run fast enough!:(
again sorry to hear that. But good luck hope you'll find it and Give a Good bash on that F****RS.

You didn't install the House alarm? Or they just too pro to broke into your house?

Cheers and you have my Symphaty
man i am sorry to hear this, my last car was stolen so i know the feeling! i hope they catch the *******
That's a tough break, dude. If someone stole my car, I'd probably flip out and go beserk.

I hope the cops don't recover your car (either of them). Chances are they're both damaged in some way (amateurs will joyride it and possibly vandalise it, professionals will start pulling apart the big ticket items or **** about rebirthing it) and, if you get the original vehicle back, it won't be the same.

If you're going to have to lose your no claim bonus, then you may as well lose it big and get the entire car replaced (or 2 cars, in your case, which means its even more important as your NCB is reflected on any vehicle you own).

When you replace the vehicles, though, you may want to consider kill switches. Most of the guys I know are quite lairy of alarms (since it means installers know how to get around them) and even quite a few people with Nemesis alarms (the ones with the keypads that Subaru uses in their hot models) tend to get stolen. What some people do is self-install a kill switch onto some cabling in a hard-to-see place, which means even if they can hotwire your car / steal your keys they're not getting away.
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Sorry to hear The Z.

It's becoming common to steal cars by first breaking into the house to get the keys nowdays.

Look on the bright side. If you were home, god knows what they might have done to you or your wife/partner.

It's moments like this you want to have your 22-270 with scope ready and handy!....hmmmm! Maybe not!

But still I kind of wish you had been there to catch the prick. Nothing more insensing than a no good maggot who can't be bothered getting a job stealing your dream car.

We feel for you.

thief <--:chair: :punch:
Sorry to hear about the Zed! Mine was stolen to as you would have read in my post at but under different circumstances.

Hope they don't recover the car for your sake! It's been 9 weeks since my car has been stolen but at least i've been 'cleared' in regards to the investigation, i don't think an investigation into your claim will be as extensive as mine considering your house was broken into and the car used as the getaway.

Hope all goes well!
Did you have the car parked outside? If so, it seems that the two Zeds stolen have been parked outside.
Yes & no. It was locked up in my "off street" parking, behind a locked gate but not under cover or in a garage.

Put it this way, you had to know it was there but, then again, a lot of people did. It kind of stuck out a bit so lots of people knew it was there.

Still waiting to hear from the insurace assessor but have heard nothing about the car. I'm not sure how long it needs to be missing before they cough up with a replacement. Hopefully someone will call me soon so I at least know where I'm at.

Spent the day sorting out security systems, locks, etc, and am looking at what to do with kill switches.

Actually, any help any of you guys could offer on kill switches would be great. I'd really like to install something myself so I don't have to worry about installers knowing or blabbing.

I have a Viper 650XV alarm. It's really nice, and Viper even has a model above it with an awesome transmitter. You have the transmitter with you within like 2 miles of the car and it will beep and tell you what part of the car made the alarm go off on your reciever on your keychain. It's a pretty neat feature and not too expensive. The Viper alarms have a starter kill, but that doesn't really help when they stole your keys. I can't really help you on kill switches though.
OMG that is so HORRIBLE! And to think the drove it right by you and probably didn't even know it was you. :wtf: Some people don't deserve to live in the free world that's for sure. I hope that the news you get is good news. Hang in there, we are all rooting for you.
Condolences man, I hope they catch the *******.
Originally posted by cedusett@Nov 8 2004, 09:05 AM
Condolences man, I hope they catch the *******.

:stupid: and kick him in his :nutkick: :irock:
This is partially why I bought a 12GA.
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