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Okay, it took me a long time fishing through the Z website listed above to find this excerpt.

I had this lingering quesiton in my head that I have wanted to ask but I haven't done so. Here it is...

Why do they call it a "ZX"? What was the "X" designation for?? Why was the 300ZX a ZX and not the new 350Z? This concerned me because of my license plate, user id, etc.., I used to have a 300ZX and now I have a 350Z.

So in my searching for an answer this is what I came up with.

The Second Generation Z Cars 1979 through 1983: The 280ZX introduced the concept of something eXtra in the Sports/GT series. The eXtra was Luxury. The 280ZX built upon the success of the first generation Z's from a standpoint of being a true Sports Car, but added to it some of the refinement and luxury that the aging American car buyers of the 80's wanted
So what does this mean?? If it is the real reason. Well the "X" in "ZX" stands for luxury?? Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? And was the 300ZX more luxurious than the new 350Z?

****, I should think about becoming an investigative reporter....
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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