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I have Tested Several ISO based ODB II Systems For the Z, and most have there good and bad points (most more bad than good) As soon as some small Details are worked out (like making some Instructions) I will be releasing an ODB II Add on for the In Z PC.

The New ODB II add on will read, but not log, all the sensors data in the Z. Like Intake Temp, Coolant Temp, MAF in gm/inch, engine Load % , Short and long term Fuel one bank 1 and 2, O2 sensors, Speed, RPMS, and more. It will also Read error codes, tell you what the code means, and allow you to turn off the CEL.

Other Features include measuring 0-60mph times, 1/8 mile times, 1/8 trap speeds, 1/4 miles times and 1/4 trap speeds. It Also has a software based DYNO. You just enter Vehicle Weight, Tire size(like 275), Tire Aspect ratio(like 40), and rim size(like 18), to get HP and Torque #'s

But this is where the Problem is. On a Dynojet, the Software Dyno was only like 2hp off on a 4th gear run, but when I try a run on the street it reads like 700+hp or in 5th gear 1000+hp. The 1/4 miles times are off by just a couple 10ths of a sec. but the trap speed is very close

So as soon as I can figure out how to get accurate Dyno readings, then the ODB II add on will Fully be released. But If you want on Now and Don't Care about the above it Retails for $150. This includes the ODB II Interface cable, The "BlackBox" Signal processor a serial cable to hook it up to The In Z PC or any other PC like a Laptop.

It is very Easy to hook up as well. Just Connect it to the ODBII port on the Z (its on the left of the steering wheel just under the dash) hook up that cable to the "BlackBox" then hook up the serial cable to the Black box and to the back of the PC. then Install the software and your ready to go.

For the group buy Go here or PM me
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