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Test Pipes

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Well I know that their has been a discussion on this already but its been a while and i forgot. I am ready to buy some test pipes, and want to do it this week. Where can I buy some that wont have the raspy sound?
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I had the Stillen Test Pipes , not resonated , hated the sound for the first few weeks , now missing it.. you get used to the sound ..
Has any one looked at the test pipes from LaBree?
Is that the inside of the LaBree test pipe?
Is there a thread or a site with audio clips of Z's with different exhaust configurations on them that we can listen to? So you can compare the sound of test pipes with certain exhausts and any other bolt-ons.
Unlimited Tuning's resonated test pipes look great, I think I am going to get them, anyone know how much they cost, they don't list it on the site?
Nevermind, I im'd them the other day, they aren't sure of the pricing as of yet.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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