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Tein S-Tech or RSR

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Whats up guys. i have a 03' 350z that is ready for suspension mods. I want to go with sway bars and springs.I won't be tracking the car,I just want something that will drop the ride height sligthly without compromising the camber. Also was planning to keep stock shocks/struts. Have it narrowed down to Tein S-Tech or RSR Down springs. If anyone has experience with either of these please let me know what you think Thanks!!! :helpsmilie:
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I think the RS*R Down Springs are nice. If you look at Dave's car from, he has them with 19'' Volks, and it looks perfect.
Just had the RSR Ti2000 springs installed on my '04 Roadster (Oct '04 build date). The drop is about 1/2 inch. The alignment stayed in spec. but right on the edge. My initial imperssion from the first drive after installation is that the body roll is reduced and the understeer is nearly eliminated (I should note that I have had the NISMO sway bars installed about 2 months ago). What was unexpected is that the suspension seems less harsh that the stock. I am going to measure the stock spring rates to find if the changes are due to differnt spring rates between stock and RSR, or due to larger differential rates between front and rear spring for the two sets.
have you consiered the hotchkis package? springs and sways for under 400$
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