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I'm at about 70K miles on my 04' 350Z, and the suspension is in due need of an overhaul. NYC roads have not been kind to her sadly :(

So, in the spirit of purposeful modding, I have been thinking of a way to have the best of both worlds. A smooth ride when commuting from Long Island to Teterboro NJ for work, and a firm sporty ride for when the roads or weekend events permit.

I've really fallen for the new TEIN USA | PRODUCTS | EDFC ACTIVE kit which features automatic active dampening (left to right) for cornering. Sounds amazing for the price. Real high tech stuff for a 10 year old car! Anyone have experience with this kit?

Again, I'm in my 30's now... after driving a lot of German sports vehicles, you get used to amazing handling with a ride that doesn't punish... and I like that! Looking for something similar in my Nissan (which I bought brand new in 04, as a much younger man with "because racecar" mentality lol)

So, I'd like to keep the stock springs (If possible) to be used with a set of TEIN shocks that allow for active dampening kit use. Can this be done? Has anyone compared the parts? It seems from the website, that they sell the shocks and springs as a complete set, for which then I'd probably want these: TEIN USA | PRODUCTS | COMFORT SPORT. They still have an increase in spring rate over OEM, but I'm thinking with the shock firmness dampening, I can make these more smooth over bumps that stock.

Really, I'm just looking for input here. Tein product reviews, suggestions, etc. This is potentially a bit of cash I'd be throwing at the car, so I want to hear from you guys (and gals) if you think I'm on the right track here with what I want to accomplish.

Of course, a full DIY video will follow as usual :)
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