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Like Congress doesn't have anything better to do.

The EPA: the Tea Party's next target | Diane Roberts | Comment is free |

The bill funding EPA and the department of the interior (HR 2584, if you want to look it up) is a dirty bomb, meant to destroy any rule that slows down environmental degradation. The legislation is so loaded with industry-backed amendments and riders – 77 so far – that it reads like a polluters' letter to Santa Claus. One provision would allow uranium mining right next to the Grand Canyon. Another would stop EPA from regulating pesticides, even if the pesticides kill endangered plants, birds, fish and other animals. EPA's funding would be slashed by 34% over the next two years, but America's oil and gas companies would be given an extra $55m on top of the $36bn in federal subsidies they already get.
No doubt it's the merest coincidence that Koch Industries, a major funder of the Tea Party, makes an awful lot of its vast profits off oil and gas exploration, petroleum refining and coal mining.
In order to more efficiently strip what remains of the United States portion of North Americas natural resources, oil and gas compaines would prefer to do it without being responsible for the mess left in their wake. I hope this ammendment dies on the floor.

Fringe dwelling wackos;

Manatees are endangered, often maimed or killed by speedboats running over them. The local Tea Party got their congressman, Richard Nugent, to intervene on the grounds that – as Edna Mattos, 63, leader of the Citrus County Tea Party Patriots, put it – protecting manatees "elevates Nature above people: that's against the Bible and the Bill of Rights."
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