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I recently bought some Megan Racing Track coilovers from Top Dead Center ( Here's the downlow:

I called the number as listed on their website, as I was glad to see that their prices were very reasonable. Being screwed over before on eBay (can't remember the company, but anyways...), I called first to make sure that they were in stock as posted. So, I call only to here "beep beep beep, I'm sorry, but this number no longer exist and has been changed to yada yada yada..." Not be detered, I call the recommended number to have a guy answer,

"Yes, is this tdcparts?"
"Well, I was inquiring about your Megan Tracks. Got'm in stock?"
"Uuhhh, I think so. Lemme ask Steve.... Oops, Steve isn't here. Lemme check right quick."

At this point, I was curious if the phone woke him up, or if he was still blasted from last night's stuper.

"Man, it looks like they're on backorder, but we've got some already ordered and they should be here in four days."
"Cool, no problem. I am also interested in the rear lower control arm, do you have that in?"
"Yes, we actually do have that in stock."

So, I procede to give him my info. and do business. He even calls me back minutes later to confirm that the order has been made to Megan. At this point, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the good customer service.

Now, skip forward two weeks. Not having recieved an email or any type of confirmation, I try to call them back. No answer. No problem, perhaps they are on lunch break or talking to a man about a horse (thats Kentuckian for being in the bathroom). So, I call back later. Nope. Later. Nope. This continues for a week until I finally get ahold of them. They tell me the same thing--about four to five days. This time I ask them to send me an email verifying my order, by which I got no reply. a week or so goes by, and I call again. And, I've called at least three times a day since (two weeks or so) to have NO ONE answer the phone, no email, NOTHING! So, when (or if) I get my coilovers, it will be the last order from them, and if anyone wants to be notified or notify their supplier, then stay away from these guys. I'm a patient guy, but over a month and can't even get them to answer the phone or return an email is unacceptable. Sorry for the rambling, I feel better now.
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I talked to the bank the week after the transaction, when things were just starting to be shady. Money had been deducted from my account by the correct website. That (and that alone) gave me a little comfort. I'm going to call the BBB on these guys, however. I'm tired of this. I've been screwed enough, and you're right, $1069 is far too much to flush away. I'm patient, but c'mon. I emailed them again yesterday, and still.......notta.

I have an appointment with a lawyer tomorrow. I hate to be like this, but I don't consider this impatient as much as merely being sensical. A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do....
I contacted my bank today. I have 60 days to do a dispute.
I'm hearing ya man. It sucks so bad that we can't (most of the time) just go around the corner to a store and get all the stuff we need. It seems if we want it, then we got to make a I'm still waiting to hear from my bank. I'll let ya'll know how it turns out.
He called back (not to defend him or anything) to tell me that he called MR and that the order should be in within, or around, four days. To me, that was just curtious.

I just hope I can get my money back. We've all made mistakes, and this just adds another one to my long list, lol. The reason I chose that vendor is because of the prices, or at least advertised prices. Sucks. I'm very interested in what you have to say about MR products, though. Not hearing much bad stuff about them, other than from brand whores who say that they're cheap because of their cheap prices. I've actually heard good stuff about their products, from Z owners as well as from other car forums. But, being less experienced in the modding world, I can only go off of people's reviews, stats, etc. A lot of things in life we have to learn from experience and modding is no different. Unfortunately sometimes that cost us some green. Thanks for the reply Z1.

Thanks Z1 for the reply. If I may ask, what are some of the best that you've used and some of the worst (or that I should stay away from?)
Well, gotta letter from my bank today. Unfortunately, its not good news either. They turned my dispute down, so as of now, my money is not going to be replaced. BUT, they are going to file a claim with Visa. I really hope this works, cause losing a thousand bucks SUCKS (<<gross understatement).
Called the Sherrif's office of the town that this place is allegedly from, and they ARE a legit business. They are in the phone book and everything, at least. I wonder if they've shut down for some reason, have moved, or something has caused them to change all their contact info and their website isn't updated (<<seems as if that'd be a priority, though)? So, I'm going to talk to a detective tomorrow. This will probably end up being a civil suit, but oh well.
UPDATE: Called the bank again today. The vile has already been claimed with VISA, and I should be getting my money back on Christmas day (give or take a day). Wow, what a Christmas present, lol.
Thanks man, appreciate the sincerity. How you like the S-Tune?
Thanks Jinxxy:)

All the Nismo stuff is too expensive to be declared THAT much better from what I've read. That goes for all Nismo products. The only upside to having them is warranty issues I think, meaning it won't void warranty. They're just so freakin expensive. I'm not sure what kind of coilovers I'm going to get now. Not sure if I'm going to try the Megans or go another route. Price means a lot, but not as much as value. I don't believe cutting corners to save a buck in other words. They just seem to have a great product for the price--up to a three inch drop and 32 way adjustable. Not alot of others out there that offers so much for so little, but perhaps I'll look around a little more. I'd like to drop it at least an inch or so. Oh well. Guess I've got time to think about
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