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I recently bought some Megan Racing Track coilovers from Top Dead Center ( Here's the downlow:

I called the number as listed on their website, as I was glad to see that their prices were very reasonable. Being screwed over before on eBay (can't remember the company, but anyways...), I called first to make sure that they were in stock as posted. So, I call only to here "beep beep beep, I'm sorry, but this number no longer exist and has been changed to yada yada yada..." Not be detered, I call the recommended number to have a guy answer,

"Yes, is this tdcparts?"
"Well, I was inquiring about your Megan Tracks. Got'm in stock?"
"Uuhhh, I think so. Lemme ask Steve.... Oops, Steve isn't here. Lemme check right quick."

At this point, I was curious if the phone woke him up, or if he was still blasted from last night's stuper.

"Man, it looks like they're on backorder, but we've got some already ordered and they should be here in four days."
"Cool, no problem. I am also interested in the rear lower control arm, do you have that in?"
"Yes, we actually do have that in stock."

So, I procede to give him my info. and do business. He even calls me back minutes later to confirm that the order has been made to Megan. At this point, I was actually pleasantly surprised at the good customer service.

Now, skip forward two weeks. Not having recieved an email or any type of confirmation, I try to call them back. No answer. No problem, perhaps they are on lunch break or talking to a man about a horse (thats Kentuckian for being in the bathroom). So, I call back later. Nope. Later. Nope. This continues for a week until I finally get ahold of them. They tell me the same thing--about four to five days. This time I ask them to send me an email verifying my order, by which I got no reply. a week or so goes by, and I call again. And, I've called at least three times a day since (two weeks or so) to have NO ONE answer the phone, no email, NOTHING! So, when (or if) I get my coilovers, it will be the last order from them, and if anyone wants to be notified or notify their supplier, then stay away from these guys. I'm a patient guy, but over a month and can't even get them to answer the phone or return an email is unacceptable. Sorry for the rambling, I feel better now.
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Man, good luck with this. I always have butterflies in my stomach when i click submit on an online purchase.
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