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I used mine for 8 months last year w/ no problems. To take care of the exterior the instructions recommend using something like 409 since it isn't leather. I sprayed it w/ 409 and used a damp terry towel to wipe and that worked very well. You can also spray the 409 on the wet towel and wipe it down while on your car, just be careful to avoid paint. When you take it off and clean the exterior, lay it on towels and not on the ground to avoid picking up dirt. To clean the interior felt, you can spray it down with a hose. I layed it across a few outdoor chairs for this. To further clean it I used our wet/dry vac to suck the dirty water out. If you want to clean it w/o water just use the industrial vac and pay special attention to the binding, esp if it is really dirty. I never removed it and replaced it w/o washing the car. I also didn't take it off in the rain, I just checked the paint every day to look for clouding and it never happened. In esp hot weather and if it was wet, I would remove it for a few days and only replace it after washing. Some people put the blue painters tape on the paint under the places where it would rub (bindings on front fenders etc) but I never had to b/c it didn't mar the paint at all. You just have to be extremely careful that you don't have any grit or dirt under there when you put it on. I would def. NOT recommend machine wash. Since I just had my Z repaired/repainted I am not going to use it at least for a while. Plus when I first got my Z there was a front plate on, but since we have a new bumper we left the plate off the front (PA is a one plate state) and now my nosemask has the plate part cut out. I would need to get a new one, but I might get an aftermarket grille so i wouldn't be able to use it then. Good Luck!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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