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Tail Light Assembly

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Does any one know if anyone makes a different tail light assembly for the Z that is similar to the headlight assembly? Kind of like the Altima tail light? My Z is Arctic White and would look so sweet with those chrome looking ligts on her tail.
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Sorry no one makes these yet. does taillamp LED conversions. I personally would stay away from altezza lamps.
When I first got my Brickyard Z, all I could think about was what it would look like with totally cleared out rear taillights.. I thought it would look soo bad a$$ but then after realizing that it would require some company to actually design a new mold for the lense and then make it entirely clear, I came to the conclusion of going to to do an LED conversion and it came out great. My next mod after that was to do an overlay on them, i.e. shadow them to blend in with the brickyard color, and that is probably the nicest setup I could have come up with.
Could you guys who have them post a couple pics of your Clearcorners conversions? I went to their website but couldn't find 350Z specific items. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Thanks much.
what about this page, not sure if this is what you are talking about

Thanks for the link. The LED's are pretty incredible. I just got a 2004 Touring, Arctic White with Frost interior, so the "paleness" of the coloring is awesome. I'll get those white side-markers, but I'm still wanting the tail-lights to have clear lenses, so I guess I'll have to wait. (I kind of want it to look like the opposite of your car)

This might sound ridiculous, but I want to see it sitting on white or pale gray rubber. Maybe I should just get off the cosmetics and add the horsepower instead.

Anyway, thanks again.
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