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LadyZ's first service is scheduled for the end of the month in Hilo. It's about a 2hr. drive to the otherside of the island. Looking forward to a bit of spirited driving. I'll be looking for some "lunch" as well! The Toyota dealer in Kona is the only place on the Island selling Redline oils.

Any specific one I should use for the tranny? MTL, MT-90, or Shockproof (super light, lightweight, or heavy duty)?
What about the LSD? Anyone using the NS oils for daily drive Z instead of the regular Redline oils?
I'll probably use either Redline 5W30 ($16.41/qt), or Mobil1 Tri-Synthetic Extreme Formula 0W-30.

BTW, anyone got the part number for the long oil filter?

A Hui Hou

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