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So I just bought an 05 35th Anniversary 350Z 6 speed with 63k miles a week ago. Pretty sure it's still on the original shocks. Best I can tell, car is completely stock.

The car will not be tracked in the foreseeable future, it's used as a daily driver for 80 miles round trips. I live in the hills of Kentucky, so the conditions are probably closer to rally than track. Hilly backroads, potholes, worn roads from heavy trucks, steep driveways, uneven pavement, patches of gravel on the roads from rain washing it off driveways, etc. I've decided against lowering the car because of this. Comfort isn't my top priority, but I don't want to feel like I'm driving a purpose built race car everyday to work for 45 mins each way. I would like something that is "forgiving" if I happen to push the car a bit too far, meaning it helps with the recovery rather than make it more difficult.

First thing I'm looking for is shocks. Bilsteins have been recommended to me for sporty handling while still maintaining decent ride comfort. I've been told Koni's are nice as well, but more for a car that isn't a daily driver. Any other suggestions or input?

As I mentioned, I don't want to lower the car, but I see that some shocks/springs combos are almost as cheap as just the shocks. Is there a combo out there that I would be crazy to pass up on?

Sway bars. I'm new to driving a coupe, so the body roll doesn't feel that bad to me. Would I benefit much, or at all, from adding sway bars under the driving conditions I've mentioned?
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