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Supercharger/Turbo - Fuel Economy

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There are some excellent posts in this Forum and your cars are incredible.

A question that I can not get out of my mind is what effect do these systems have on overall fuel economy?

It seems to reason that more h.p. normally requires more fuel consumption, but does anyone have any "real world" results?
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I am currently experiencing 17-18 mpg. Haven't taken an extended trip, so these are local miles.
fuel economy will drop anywhere between 2-5 mpg depending on how you drive the car. I get about 19mpg on a stock Z, and that is alot of stop and go driving. Not sure what I would get when i get my turbo setup, but i expect it to drop significanly, since i will most like be redlining it everywhere i go :drive:
Anything that adds horsepower tends to increase engine efficiency.. meaning yes, if driven conservatively, may actually increase gas milage.

I'm not sure about Supercharger fuel economy though the fuel economy from my Twin Turbo Z car is approx 30 mpg in highway cruise conditions and around 23 mpg around town, hope this helps. :wavey:

On our procharged Z there has been no change in fuel economy.

Keep in mind that unless you are pushing it really hard your intake is still operating in a vaccum and there is no boost. Therefore no additional fuel is needed. If you go to bigger injectors and trim them rich then I think some drop in fuel economy might be seen.

Bear in mind that the trip computer is relying on the fact that it "knows" what size injectors are being used to calculate fuel being used so it may not be telling you the complete truth if you are using bigger injectors or higher fuel pressure.
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