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Supercharger internals

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Okay, forgive me if this has been talked about. My internet connection is 24.0 kbps, so searching the web for hours just isn't my idea of fun.

I am looking at superchargers and was curious as to what internals are needed or advised to get when one does a supercharger. I have been reading a lot about Turbos and the safety involved with your internals on those but what about superchargers? Do the internals need to be looked at as well when one wants to go this route? I am not looking for too much more then 400 hp to the wheels preferrably but I don't want to have to always be fixing a lot either. In other words if I go FI I want to do it right the first time and not be like Going Deep did with his Turbos.

Thanks for your help and again I'm sorry if this has already been asked.
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I am in the same boat you are. I have heard that the stock rods can handle up to 370-380 HP to the wheels without the possiblity of damage. I am looking into the HKS SC and ATI Procharger, both of which are supposed to be reliable HP upgrades. I hope to be doing something like this late this year or early next. I am by no means a mechanic so someone please correct me if i'm wrong.
I dont like the superchargers.I had an ATI Procharger and it was constantly breaking..SC's in my opinion are not reliable,you are increasing the number of moving parts and belts,pulleys,ect...You are also creating more strain on the motor to make 380whp. You are probably seeing a parasitic loss of about 30-40 whp by spinning the SC,so to make 380 your really making 440-450 at the crank..
So are you saying I would be better off just getting a turbo kit and setting it to it's base settings? Would this be better for the engine? But don't I have a better chance of hurting the engine this way?

Its all personal preference..Having had both set ups I would never go back to a SC again..But remember ANYTHING can hurt the engine..
He is right anything can hurt it, just do your homework before you decide.
For the money, does a motor swap make more sense? For example, an RB26DETT can make 400hp easily and reliably.. the cost would of course be in the installation.
What about engine management??Thats to much of a pain in the ars..
Okay, well my ultimate goal was to be super quick off the line. I am going to get the 3.9 final drive but I thought a supercharger would have low end power vs a turbo's high end power.

I was looking at Vortechs supercharger and HKS's supercharger. It sounded like HKS's is made to run off stock parts so any upgrades I do could do more harm then good. So I was leaning more towards Vortechs. I guess what I'm trying to ask is would it be a good idea to do internals with a supercharger?
You can run a SC without internals, but it would always be lingering in the back of my mind "Is something going to break if I drive hard". The main thing (on the board) I have seen with FI'd Z's is the rod bearings. If it were me, I'd get the internals just to be safe and find a good bearing manufacturer and get some of those put on while I was at it. Whatever you decide to do, good luck.
Well seeing as you are talking about the HKS kit let me add a few things.

I have the HKS kit and I put down right at 350rwhp and 331lbs torque. NOW! You talk about being fast off the line well this HKS kit is putting alot of low in torque so much that its heating my tranny up and making it slip so now I find myself upgrading my tranny and I also had to add the FCON V pro in order to add more mods like a plenum headers ect. So after all said and done with tranny work 3.5 final drive and the mods on my motor like AAM fuel rails, fcon , headers ,test pipes new injectors ect I am still only pushing 350rwhp but the good thing is its all low in so I pull hard off the line and there is 0 lag. Would I have done it diffrent ? well seeing as I didnt want to build my motor and spend the $ No. but seeing as I have spend as much to get this hp I have now yes I would have built the motor and went TT but its to late to worry about that now.

But I am working with AAM on building a titan short block that will handle about 600rwhp LOL so I just might be selling my motor with all mods well everything but the FCON V
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So if I am spending the money to do the internals I would be better off just saving and getting a TT system instead? Wouldn't I have better acceleration power if I had a supercharger though? I don't have much need for top end power, I just want to be able to smoke people off the line. I guess I should look for what makes the best torque gains though on the lower RMP band. I guess I have a lot of studying to still look into. Thanks for everyones replies.
Are you wanting to do additional mods after you do a S/C? Get with Barzten or another S/C owner and see what they have done with their cars.
That's a good idea. I'll see what other SC'd owners say. And yeah I don't really plan on stopping with just a CH'r. If it can be done, I want it basically, except Nitrous. :biggrin:
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