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Super Charger Vs. Twin Turbo

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What are the pros and cons of both beside money?? I would like to learn more about each before I make a desicion! Which would you choose???
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For me personally, I went with the twin turbo. There are a few reasons why.

Supercharger - Strong Points
1. Superchargers produce a lot of low RPM torque and will have a slight advantage when taking off at the line.

2. They are usually lower in price.

3. The few brands that are out there for the 350Z have been shown to be capable of producing horsepower in the 350-450 range.

Supercharger - Downsides

1. They are typically noisey because of the gearing involved to spin the compressor for boost.

2. Even though superchargers have a lot of torque at low rpm, their torque curve is steady and doesn't increase as RPMs increase.

3. Their power capability is lower than a twin turbo setup.

Turbo Charger - Strong Points
1. They can provide significant more power and are capable of having a torque curve that increases as RPMs increase.

2. They are more efficient at producing power because they are recycling spent exhaust gases to create compressed air, whereas the superchargers using gearing from the engines crank pulley.


Twin Turbo - Downsides
1. More expensive in price, but worth it!

2. Turbo kits require time to spool up when starting off from teh line. Depending on how they are tuned, this time can be long or short, but after around 2500 RPMs they are starting to make sufficent boost.

3. Twin Turbo kits can generate extremely high temperatures and you must respect that. It is good to allow sufficient time for your car to cool down when running hard and also to keep your oil in check and make sure that you aren't letting any problems build up over time.

I hope that this helps you out. For me I went with the APS turbo kit. In my opinion it is the best option for FI. Good luck with your decision.
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With repsect to SC power characteristics we actually need to consider two differing classes for the Z:

a) Roots and Twin screw: Stillen
b) Centrifugal: ATI, Vortech ,HKS

a) produces a TQ curve that begins very low in the RPM band and offers
TQ profiles whcih somwhat resemble that of a low boost threshold Turbo setup.

b) produces a TQ and HP curve which rises near linearly with RPM.

So given these diffences , b) "does not" produce instant low RPM power as possible indicated earlier in this thread. a) "does pridce a nearly instant low RPM power capablity.

IMO, if money is no object and especially if the longblock is being hardened a TT is the way to go, and APS appears to be the cats meow.

If money is tight and you want to run on OEM internals an SC is the way to go. For comaprison , a Stillen SC is a low end TQ monster , the Cents are not.
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