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Monsanto is not gonna like this, but I doubt much will come of the results shown in the study.

"A new report by some top scientists has nailed it down, and Monsanto isn’t going to be happy. The Agri-giant has built its entire business model, including genetically modified (GMO) crops that dominate the US market, around its Roundup brand herbicide.
They last thing they want to admit is that it causes birth defects.
But that’s just what a group of scientists from a diverse group – including Cambridge University, the King’s College London School of Medicine, and the Institute of Biology, UNICAMP, São Paulo, Brazil – have found."

It’s official: Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide causes birth defects – Red, Green, and Blue

Some folks already don't like Monsanto Corp. as they pretty much have a stranglehold on the seed business.

Their genetically engineered seeds carry a patent. I guess a planet with 7 billion people to feed needs this kinda stuff but sometimes I think these companies get too big for their britches.

Anyway, pull up those dandillions instead of spraying them with nasty chemicals.
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