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strut bars

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i added a planum to the engine. (I think that is how you spell it) but ever since i did the cold air intake, the planum and the high flow cads my strut bar doesnt fit!! I know of other people who have done the same and more to their cars but their strut bar is ok. Is it because I have a 6mt and the others have a 5at? Another question should I purchase an after market bar? What the mechanic want to do to my bar is heat is and take out the small curve in the bar to make it fit however, i was told that when metal is heated it weakens it. I dont want to be driving the car then next thing the dam n bar flies out!!! I know that is a little extreme but HELP!!!!
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it was kinetics, but i guess i am a little too late. was just told that the bar was bent to fit the car...... but thanks guys. i guess i have to purchase another one....
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well i guess we already tried the spacers, and the washers thing, but the bar would not fit at all

i guess now with the heating and bending of the will hopefuly.
if not ..i saw a JIC bar on goingdeep's car.
any info on how to get one like that...i think that will solve all the problem.

or Kshep can give you hios for free
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