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Stoptech upgrades...

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I've got some questions about the stages they offer.

1.) What size rotors are in the stage 2 kit?

2.) Does Stoptech plan on offering a caliper upgrade and larger rotor upgrade (to 14" if the rotors are 13") for the stage 3 kit?

I think this was a very smart idea on how to get customers that don't have 2800+ to drop on a big-brake kit.
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D'oh...found the rotor size...OEM size (which is 12" right?).

Sure would be nice if Stoptech would make a kit that came with taller rotors....and one that had calipers. (NOT a BBK...this would just be so you could upgrade a little at a time).
I've decided to just get a fronts first. And then the rear kit later.

Wilwood, Brembo GT, or Stoptech is the question now though...
peptibond, I am going to do rear BBK too...just going to do the front first.

Pam, thanks.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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