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Stoptech upgrades...

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I've got some questions about the stages they offer.

1.) What size rotors are in the stage 2 kit?

2.) Does Stoptech plan on offering a caliper upgrade and larger rotor upgrade (to 14" if the rotors are 13") for the stage 3 kit?

I think this was a very smart idea on how to get customers that don't have 2800+ to drop on a big-brake kit.
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Peptid speaks the truth. My upgrade to a StopTech BBK has created the confidence in braking that I need to tackle the track. Nick, who races for NASA and installed my brakes, removed only a portion of the rear heatshield to accomodate the BBK. He also has me upgrade to a racing pad (that squeal unmercifully if not hot enough) for track events.

I would say that I've seen Stop Tech's in front mixed with Brembo's in back at track events. But I have no clue if those driver's upgraded their pads before hand.

I will say that at the March event a BMW lost brakes, flipped over the tire wall and crushed the roof in and a 350Z cooked it's OEM's and another set of pads in two days. They didn't lose control but they didn't have brakes to go home on.

Good luck. My kit is 13"....and worth every penny spent.
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