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After 40k or so, my rotors are in crummy shape and the front right pad started to scream like a train. After searching around I decided to try the stoptech stage 2 kit from

I purchased the kit with the new generation 2 slotted rotors(stoptech kit, but centric brand Powerslot rotors) for my Oem non-brembo brakes on my 04 Z. After a few auto cross events someone suggested the hp plus pads, but mynismo(performance nissan) didnt offer them in the kit. The guys at Performance nissan were nice enough to easily swap out the pads in their kits with a set of the HP plus pads. The kit also included front and rear stoptech SS lines and 3 bottles of Motul RBF600 fluid.

Install took a while as some of the caliper mounts took some torque to get off. A bottle of PBlaster is highly recommended.... Cleans up everything nicely. Note to installers: DO NOT clean brake parts with PBlaster, use brake clean specifically to clean off the new rotors and brake components. Overall, everything went smoothly. Upon testing, I ran into a little trouble. One of the seals on the brake caliper guide pins broke off(seal on the bolt, not the compression seal), and caused the front left caliper to hang up. This in turn caused the pad to get stuck on the rotor and heat up like crazy! The rotor got so hot all the brake caliper grease burnt off. I'm glad i caught this within a few minutes of driving or I might have a different outlook on all this. After searching all around town for seal, I finally found a new bolt/seal and installed it the following day.

After bedding the pads the system worked great. The SS lines are a really nice addition and brake pedal feels great. The pads bite really nice at all temps... :) After a while, i did a few race stops and have to say the abs kicks in earlier, as they breaks stop a bit quicker. I dont think i've hit the point as a few people in the race/autox forum have to disable it on the track... I think i'll keep it on so i dont put a bald spot on the tires, and i dont think my skill is at a level that it would be safe.

Overall I am very satisfied and love the kit. I would highly recommend mynismo/performance nissan...and the kit. They were really great in helping me out - correspondence after the order. I'll throw an update up later on down the line when i run a few events with this new setup.

Note: Hp plus pads are a bit aggressive and will squeel and sqeeek a bit more than stock pads, produce more dust and have a bit more rotor wear. This is all expected with a road/autox pad. like this.
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