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Bought the Stillen SS headers a few months ago. Theyre the best ones stillen makes. I paid almost $800 after shipping.

Box is opened but only so I could look at them, they were never installed.

A few days after I bought them my Z started having problems and I come to find I have a small list of things I need to do now so Im selling these for this reason only.

I don't want to be involved with paypal or anything like that so I'm looking for a buyer in the state of FL. I live in palm coast about 30 minutes from daytona beach.

I will take $600 which is an excellent deal considering theyre brand new and the price of just the headers is more than that and then youre lookin at over $100 for shipping.

You can come pick them up or if you live somewhat far away I am willing to meet somewhere. Please contact at [email protected] with serious inquiries.

If youre a few hours away and are willing to drive I will drop the price $50 to compensate for your gas.
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