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Stero Question

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I am sure that this question has been asked before, but I am still having trouble with the search feature. I am looking for right now to just replace the head unit. I like the look of the Kenwood double din in Toykilla's ZR but, I have not heard good things about Kenwood. Does Alpine have any double dinn head units? Also someone had these eyeball looking ones from Japan, they look pretty sweet, and I cannot find that thread either. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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You haven't heard good things about Kenwood? Who were you talking to, someone from Alpine?
A friend of mine who is a giant audiofile says that he doesn't think that Kenwood is as good as it used to be. I guess that is just his opinion, but I also would rather have XM over Sirius, and Kenwood has Sirius only. Just seeing if there were other options out there to fill the double dinn space besides the Kenwood.
So you're looking for a 2-DIN with a monitor like Josh has in his Z? I've actually heard really good things about the whole eXcelon series, from both people who are audiophiles and people who aren't. Mine is waiting for me to install it
lol, I hear the same for Alpine. Back in the day, they were good. Nowadays, you can get them anywhere. I believe Alpine has one as well as Pioneer.
Alright, so the Kenwood is quality, I appreciate it, I understand opinions go back and forth on head units. I think I might go with the Kenwood, because it does look so nice. I still haven't seen the Alpine though and I like XM better than Sirius so that might be a big decesion factor.
I was looking through the Crutchfield catalog last night and when I got to the Kenwood it had both a Sirius and an XM stamp on it. Now I know that my Kenwood says Sirius on it, but maybe there's a way to easy hookup XM to it as well?
If you want a quality doubly din get the Eclipse unit. I've installed plenty of Kenwood source units in my time including the "Excelon" ones and have never been very impressed by them. Alpine has been on top of their game for a long time and to whoever said they heard that Alpine is declining I'd like you to show me how you came up with that. Their current product line is as top notch as ever. Unfortunately they do not make what you are looking for but the Eclipse unit is certainly an excellent unit. The "eyeball" looking one was a JDM reciever from Sony.
It's not that their not good, just not as good as they used to be. They were #1 before. Now, other companies are coming out with better products, IMO. I havent heard the 9833, but have heard other Alpines. I don't see how a 6 1bit DAC HU is supposed to sound better than a 24bit DAC HU. A 24bit DAC is a minimum for DVD sound. My friend is an Alpine freak, he recently ditched Alpine for Clarion.

Their still good, you can just get better. Like an Eclipse. Just MHO
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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