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Steering Problems

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Ok I was driving home from work today when all of a sudden my steering started to feel really weird. In a straight line it felt ok but when I would turn the wheel slightly to change lanes it would all of a sudden start feeling very squirrly and had a little play in the wheel. Feels almost like the back end wants to kick out on me. Very weird feeling. Check power steering fliud and belts and all and it was all ok. Just seeing if anyone knows what this may be caused by or may have had this happen to them before.

I brought it to the dealership and I am supposed to leave for Zdayz tomorrow so hopefully they will have a fix by tomorrow. If not I will just have to drive with Conceyted. I have 26k miles on car so I would hope this would be covered under warranty.
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Bummer...hope there is a quick, in stock, simple, cheap fix.
Sounds to me like a loose connecting rod, control arm, or the like. Somethin up front. Maybe you threw a bushing or somethin. Get the car in the air, and take a look.

While its up, grab the front drivers side wheel at 3 and 9, and try to move it. Then, grab the wheel at 12 and 6 and try to move it. There should be ZERO measurable movement during this test. Repeat test on other side of car.
Thanks guys still awaiting an answer from the dealer
:ahhh: That sucks Dave, haven't heard of anything like this before~ Hope you get it taken care of today! :faint:
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