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Starting the NASA HPDE program...

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...this summer, I have a good shop to do all the stuff to my 350Z that's required, my question is about driving gear. I don't want to blow a lot of money, but I need a helmet, and I figure shoes, a suit, gloves, etc., are probably a good idea. Any recommendations for specific manufacturers/models for any of this good stuff?


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Thanks much...

All you need is a helmet. It will need to be Snell SA approved, some places might let you out in a motorcycle helmet, but they're designed to different criteria. Go to a supplier in your area and try on a bunch, and buy what makes you comfortable.

A suit, gloves and shoes aren't going to be required. Car fires are fairly rare (as far as I can tell) at track days. That said, it's always a good idea. There was a piece on Charles Esplanaube's Miata that went up at the 25 hrs of Thunderhill. Being properly equipped saved his life, and anything is possible on track.

If you're running with a cage and harness, a HANS device is a good idea.

...I'm going with a good helmet, suit gloves and shoes...I ain't got no desire to burn up at this point in my athletic career...
Great, thanks much for your help...

I hear you. You should take some time to really research the matter. It's an important, and frequently forgotten, issue. A fire is pretty close to the bottom of the list of hazard, with running into something pretty close to the top. The fire I mentioned before is the amateur event where the drivers fire retardant gear came into play; it's worth noting that he wasn't a guy in a HPDE 1 car, he was driving a Mazda/MER car in a major endurance race.

Do some research on the SCCA's site, - The faster you go, the more you need., SportsRacer Technology Forums, and probably many others. Safety is a real concern for real amateur road racers, and a matter largely forgotten about in the street/track car world. Decide what risks you will take, and exactly what you want to do.

I decided that playing around on track can wait until I have an appropriately equipped car that will be used exclusively for the track, and go out in full gear. Many people don't agree with my assessment of the situation, but it's what makes me comfortable.

All that's important is that you do what makes you feel the most comfortable, and complies with the sanctioning bodies requirements.

...I'm off to do my research...
All wired and ready to go...

I love you man. I think that's the first time those words have been printed on this forum in 2 or 3 years.

~Pat we speak, my 2004 350Z Touring 6-Speed is getting juiced up with Stop Tech brakeset, adjustable sway bars front and rear, Enkei Racing RP03 Wheels (18 x10 rear, 18 x 8.5 front), and Hankook Ventus
RS-3 rubber (265/45 front, 285/45 rear).

For the (ahem) driver:

- HJC AR10 II SA2010 helmet

- Oakley Mid-Top Shoes

- Sparco One Fpf Suit

- Oakley Carbon X gloves

- G-Force helmet support

So...wuddia think? Am I ready for HPDE1 on May 15 at Pueblo, or what?

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