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Speed Shop in Northern NJ

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Hello all,

Im looking for a speed shop in Northern NJ also your recommendations on a full body kit, spoiler & wheels/tires.

I have the audio system done already on my 2004 350z Enthusiast Roadster.
1. Pioneer Avic Z3 touch screen DVD/Nav
2. Custom built box with JL Audio 10W6 behind the drivers seat.
3. All stock speakers replaced with Alpine Type R

The mechanical upgrades done are
1. Full dual exhaust
2. Intake.
3. Alarm with remote start (yes on a 6 speed)

I would like to get some ideas what to do next mechanically and cosmetically.

Thanks for helping out.

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you're looking to purchase parts or have them installed?

install wise...speak to Narvind at ATX Motorsports
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Both, I want to find a shop to buy the parts and have them installed. I want to start with the top end and go from there.

First is finishing the exhaust with headers, then maybe cam work, not sure.

Thanks for the info, Ill check them out.

Im gonna go with the Veilside Version 1 full body kit and spoiler from

Anyone have experience with them?

They will be professionally painted and installed.

Also looking @ Enkei RP05 wheels (any other suggestions)

Heres what Im looking at...
the fact that aren't aware that

1. the front lip for an 03-05 will not fit an 06 +


2. there is no urethane front lip offered from Veilside for 06+

would be 2 giant warning signs
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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