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Special Request - Rear View Mirror Pics

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Hi guys

In Aus, despite buying the top line model, we dont get the auto-dimming mirror. I saw on courtesyparts and performancenissan they sell the mirror incl. all the wiring

Can someone please take a picture of where the mirror mounts onto the windscreen from inside and outside the car. Id like to see how it mounts, and whether it will actually attach to my windscreen

Thanks :cheers:
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This might be of use to you. Download the Service Manual from :

It's for an '03 but the mirror and wiring should be the same for the 04s, 05s, etc.

Look in section "I Body" then "GW Glasses, Windows and Mirrors" around page 57 for the inside mirror. It has a wiring diagram and shows how it's mounted to the windshield.

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